Read this before you Visit Thailand

Thailand, popularly known as ‘the land of Smile’ welcomes millions of visitors in a year from every part of the world. This is not just because Thailand has natural bliss, but its cultures, temples, and ancient ruins also equally responsible for the same concern. Moreover, Thailand Tour Package with Airfare comes cheaper than other exotic destinations.


The Thai ancestors have left magnificent architectures behind, though it has become a ruin, but still, this worth to explore. The ancient temples and statues tell the story of their age to all the ages that they have travelled so far.

Take a look at the most impressive ancient architecture in Thailand:

Ayutthaya Historical Park:

Ayutthaya is not just architecture from an ancient age, but it’s a complete city where every structure demonstrates the stupendous masterpiece of the 14th century. The city was founded by King Ramathibodi in mid 14th century.

Ban Chiang

For those who love to explore archaeological ruins and sites, this one is the most preferred location. Being a UNESCO’s world heritage site, this place tells the story of an ancient civilization of Southeast Asia.

Sukhothai Historical Park

This place has gone through many destructing attempts, though somehow what is remaining over there is still a precious heritage to preserve. The Sukhothai historical park is one of major site that define the story of Southeast Asian history.
Moreover, Thailand is also popular for its tangy and tongue-twisting flavours, now, watch out the most delicious cuisines that were originated from this land and spread all over the world:

Tom Yum Soup

Tom yum is considered among the most flavoured soup one can find across the globe. Tom yum is a delicious soup that has some of the most nutritious ingredients. The shrimps, lime and a special Thai chilli add a unique flavour to it.

Pad Thai

You will find a variety of Pad Thai over there. But the best part is it is served everywhere. From the premium restaurant to the street vendors, all of them are serving their own version of Pad Thai.

Additionally, there are numerous other delicacies that are being served in Thailand. For instance, their Kai Yang (a grilled chicken) has unique and tempting flavour; it is unique because of the traditional way of cooking.

You will also find Biryani in Thai style. They call it Kao Mok Gai and serve it with lots of salads and a green veggie sauce.

The Final Word

All those who are planning their trip to Thailand and looking for the best Thailand tour package. It is most important to check your itinerary that it has all the attractions for which Thailand is famous.


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