Gangtok Local Sightseeing Places

Gangtok is the capital and the gem of Sikkim. This city has been built over an elevation and is over the sea level. It is actually a gem to the eye of those who see it. Once you see it you would be astounded. This city is well connected to many cities around it and it also has many things worth seeing. Here we’ll list Gangtok’s local sightseeing places so that if you visit this city you don’t have to go outside to enjoy it.

Hiking Tips

So where do you go?

Some of the most brilliant sights to be seen are within the city. The top sights you could see here are:

MG Road

This road is lined on both sides with the glittering lights of shops and restaurants. This road is the hub of tourists who are led by their hungry stomachs. It has become so renowned that the road is a spot for the annual food carnival which happens every December. If you are a food lover, you should visit this road and have the fill of your life.

Ganesh Tok

This temple is a very small temple 7 kilometers from the center of Gangtok. This temple is so small that it is only able to accommodate 1 person at a time and the other one has to wait outside till the first one is done.

Rumtek Monastery

It is the grandest and most skillfully made monastery in all of Sikkim. It was made for a great Buddhist leader who fled from Tibet when China charged against it, and he settled here. The monastery has been very skilfully made, where even the walls tell its story.

Hanuman Tok

This is another famous temple in Gangtok. This temple also has its place on high ground. It is elevated on a small hill that is beautiful and serene. When a tourist treads this ground, they gain an internal peace they fall in love with. This temple is said to be built where Lord Hanuman rested as he carried sanjeevni to Lanka.


Though it may not completely be within Gangtok, you can see it and visit its outskirts from Gangtok. Since most travelers who come to Sikkim come to also see Kanchenjunga, it is important to mention it in the list.

Travel whenever you like

You can visit Gangtok any time of the year but for full amusements and to witness the beauty of the place in appealing weather, it is suggested to schedule your travel between Septembers to June. Read more stories of different places, visit Travocoaster blog. And for domestic travel deals, connect with us.


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