Spend a warm exotic romantic vacation in Namibia

Romance needs a nice spot, a calm beautiful spot that makes you love, and Namibia is such a place. This is a great spot for you and your special one.


There are many activities here for couples and each activity draws you both closer.  Your few days here will consist of exploring the jungle to see the majestic creations of nature; eating delicacies that make you crave more, and watching the world turn golden with the sun.


Namibia has many animals that you may have not seen, like the black rhino, wild dogs, oribi and puku. Your Species specific safari among these creatures will make you respect nature more. Even more than that, experiencing it together will create for you a memory you will cherish.

Each day you stay will end with a fancy romantic dinner because what is a romantic package if it doesn’t have a romantic dinner. Imagine every evening, you and your special one watching the yellow ball set in the distant horizon while you both take in the love and food. It’s what the eyes can see and what the tongue can taste that makes the difference. It turns a normal dinner into something even more special, something you will remember even after you leave this place.

Namabia Adventure Couple blog

Besides seeing animals and having romantic dinners every night, you will even go around and visit different places. There are many beautiful things you can see in Namibia. There are deserts that though are hot, are very beautiful. The color of the sand is really amazing. These deserts are viewed from the air, from the comfort of an airplane. There are beaches in Namibia. These beaches look astonishing. This is because of the sun that changes the color and makes the whole visual experience unique.


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