A romantic getaway in Venice

I was told by people that Venice is a really romantic place. I became a believer when I went there.


There were so many things that made me awestruck. The beautiful small boats that couples were cuddling in, the hotels that looked welcoming to couples, the amazing buildings that looked marvelous in the evening lights, and the number of couples already there. My wife and I were looking for a getaway from our kids and the busy work life we were living in the city. This looked perfect. It was something we both fell in love with; especially since we both love water, so this was a plus point. We had reached the airport in the evening and headed for the hotel. While on the way we admired the sunset, which had an extra dash of beauty to it, as it reflected off the water that flowed between buildings. We reached our hotel; we were staying at Hilton Molino Stucky. We had taken a canal facing room, which looked on to the outside seats of the restaurants as well. I requested them to set the room up as romantically possible, and I was impressed by what they had done.

image3(to spark your love)

The linens on the bed, the petals in different places and the color tone of the room, all was really romantic. We kept our stuff in the room and went for our boat tour. The people in Venice really help you set the mood. There are barely any distractions there. It’s like the people know what your purpose for the visit is, and they make everything fall into place accordingly. Our boat ride was a lovely one. There was not a lot of room on the seat to sit far apart, with all the cushions they had put. We sat close and had a musician join us. Marco played the harp really well, and his voice touched our souls. The boat tour took us around a few places. It was really beautiful, the boat, the candles, Marco, the bridges we went under, the houses around us and the waking moon. The mood was set on the very first day. We then headed back to the hotel, where we proceed to dinner. We took the seats outside, near the water to eat. We had some pasta and tried other dishes, and headed to our room.

subheading3(romantic resturant venice)

It was a lovely and romantic first day for me and my wife in Romantic Venice. We stayed a couple more days, took in the city and fell in love even deeper. I am too a firm believer that Venice is made for romance.


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